Eastern Racer Snake Panorama

We were walking back through a local park to go home when we saw this Eastern Racer snake slithering by us. This was a few months ago so I am trying to catch up on some older files I had not gotten to.  I was only carrying a m43 Olympus Camera with a 14-140mm lens. So I zoomed out to 14mm to get the whole snake but the Racer seemed very small in the frame with a lot of grass around it. So I  changed my strategy and zoomed in and shot a 3 image series @ 140mm to assemble into a panorama to make the Racer Snake more prominent in the final image and still show the whole Racer snake. Then I got closer as it was going by to get a Portrait @ 140mm of the Racer’s head.


Eastern Racer Snake Portrait @ 140mm, m43 Camera

12 Comments on “Eastern Racer Snake Panorama

    • Yes Belinda! We were surprised it was coming right at us then veered off a little. Over the summer we noticed what appeared to be a hose rolled up to the left of the front door. When I went over it was a snake sunning in the warm light. Then I guess it saw me and went off.

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