Rain Drops After The Storm

I am still testing the iPhone 11 Pro for a variety of photo subjects. These are to see how it does for closeup details. Not quite a macro camera, but very close. Plus because of the iPhone 11’s small lenses you get quite a bit of depth of field for these closeup subjects.

For these images I was using the 6mm lens (Full Frame equivalent would is 52mm)


iPhone 11 Pro – 16 x 9 Format


iPhone 11 Pro -16 x 9 format



iPhone 11 – 16 x 9 format



A little closer view


Wet Leaves In Grass






5 Comments on “Rain Drops After The Storm

  1. Looks like a worthy albeit expensive upgrade. I’ve been thinking of replacing my 6 with this model.All these images you made are encouraging.

    • Yes Steve! I also upgraded from an iPhone 6. It is remarkably better, especially in the shadows. Plus I open the iPhone jpegs in Adobe Camera Raw using the Raw settings also allowing even more adjustments before actually opening the file. In Adobe Camera Raw I can also set it to a much larger file size when it opens in Photoshop for larger prints. I am still working on if the digital zoom, which goes up to 10x is worth using. I find the iPhone extremely useful in the field because when I am out shooting with a 400mm Canon DO lens or other long lens I usually had a m43 Camera with a 14-140mm for wider or detail shots. The iPhone seems to cover this without lugging 2 cameras.

      • Anything that makes the load lighter is a good thing. I’ve found the 6 disappointing for anything with a wide dynamic range, especially sunrises. Its HDR functioning isn’t all that good either.

    • Thanks Eliza! It is fun to look around after a rain and see what you can find for photo subjects. I am surprised the iPhone 11 Pro does so well this close up. Plus the lenses are so small you have a lot of Depth of Field for more detail.

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