Bombay Hook NWR Landscapes

Here are a series of landscape & cloudscape images from a recent visit to Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge in Delaware. The featured image was shot @ 14mm along the Wildlife Drive.


Bombay Hook Landscape along Wildlife Drive – Shearness Pool @ 12mm, Canon R


Bombay Hook Landscape along Wildlife Drive @ 158mm, Canon R, Tamron 150-600mm

BH_Lndscp_v4 2_img_pan_12mm

Bombay Hook Landscape along Wildlife Drive – Shearness Pool @12mm, 2 img pano, Canon R


Bombay Hook Landscape, Shearness Pool along Wildlife Drive @ 14mm, Olympus OM-D


6 Comments on “Bombay Hook NWR Landscapes

  1. Nice shots, Reed. I haven’t been there in about 30+ years so it’s good to see some of it again. My wife and I tried to go there during one of our vacations before we were married and she was up here. Tried, because the greenies were taking large bites of skin. Maybe they aren’t as bad this late in the year.

    • Thanks Steve! We had no bugs at all, so it was a pleasant visit! The NWR we usually go to, Brigantine Division of the Edwin B Forsythe NWR In NJ is terrible in the Summer for green headed flies!so I know what you mean!

    • We had not been there recently either so we decided to do a day trip. It was a fun day, but most of the pools were dried up, I believe purposely. Do not know the reason. But the large flocks of birds in the distance were fun, but even at 1200mm they were distant. Did get a few close up. Usually I use a 400mm Canon DO lens with a 1.4x Teleconverter but did not have enough reach, so switched to a Tamron 150-600mm with a 2x teleconverter (which I still had to crop in to most of the images). Luckily the Canon R autofocuses up to f/22 according to my tests, so that worked well at Bombay Hook. Thanks again!

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