Plainsboro Preserve Lake

5 image Panorama of 50-acre McCormack Lake at Plainsboro Preserve. The Plainsboro Preserve is a collaboration with the Township of Plainsboro, the County of Middlesex,
and New Jersey Audubon.  Close to 1,000 acres of lands were preserved by the County of Middlesex and the Township of Plainsboro that supports a diversity of habitats and wildlife, with one of the largest lakes in the area. The featured image is a 5 image panorama, each section shot @ 14mm on a m43 Olympus Camera. Then assembled in Photoshop. When doing panoramas with a m43 Camera, I tend to overlap each image more because of the smaller format. It just seems to lineup better and give better “blending” of the individual frames. On full frame cameras I do not have to shoot as many sections to get a “Smooth” overlap.


Bench view of McCormack Lake, 14mm m43 Format

6 Comments on “Plainsboro Preserve Lake

    • Yes, it is! It was a huge sand quarry years ago, but it closed down because of all the damage to local roads because of all the heavy trucks! So they made it a large county park. It is about 1000 acres with trails and a 50 acre man made lake. Also Audubon helps run it with the county. The lake is hard to get to because of the steep slopes down to it. And not to be repetitive, downed trees from beavers again. There are so many trees down and it takes them a while to open some paths. You wonder how many there are to do this much damage to huge trees. They also have night walks sometimes to spot beavers.

    • Thanks Donna! I sit there and photograph loons when they stop by! Or ducks! Or Cormorants! Even large flocks of Canada Geese if I am desperate for a photo subject!

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