Dragonfly Closeups

I was going through some older backup hard disks and found a series of Dragonfly Closeup images. So I thought I would add them to the blog.

SlatyBlue_Dragonfly_v2 4img_stk_DM_7_!&SlatyBlue EatBug v1_MG_9121Blue Dasher v2 CU 2img stk.BlueDasher CU v3 2imgStk_DM 7 17Eastern Ponhawk v2 DM 7 17_MG_8655eastern-pondhawk-v3-davidsons-mill-2016_43g4391Blue Dasher v2 cf_MG_8721blue dasher v7 pano cf 2015_MG_8845Blue Dasher v2_43G3808_80I9991 Blue Dasher dragonfly v4

11 Comments on “Dragonfly Closeups

    • I think they were smiling! Most of these shots were from my old home. We took out a large pool and put in a pond with a waterfall. So I think they were used to me getting close!

    • Thanks! Even though they look like I am close, many of these are probably about 4 – 6 ft away. I had come up with a method using a 400mm lens and extension tubes then a 1.4x (or 2x) Teleconverter and depending on the distance another extension tube. Sometimes also some fill flash. If you search my blog I had a few posts on this technique.

    • Thanks Steve! I always liked things that fly! Started with aviation, then military aircraft, then aerobatic aircraft, then birds and now Dragonflies! I think I will go to more butterflies next! But the season is over for them! The Bald Eagle population will be growing at Blackwater NWR soon, so I will probably go to photograph them. Along with huge flocks of Snow Geese. Thanks again!

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