Cormorants At Plainsboro Preserve

While we were looking for Dragonflies at Plainsboro Preserve, I noticed these Cormorants along the far shoreline on McCormack Lake. I tried a few shots before I went down the path (Maggie’s Trail) to try to get closer, in case they flew off. The path is on a section that goes out into McCormack Lake with the Lake on both sides. It is a steep slope going down to the water so you are actually shooting down on anything on the water. It is very over grown with a lot of trees cut down by Beavers on both sides of the path plus all the trees along the path still standing. I did manage to go a little off the path before the steep slope going down to the lake. And found a small opening in all the tree branches to get a clear image of 2 of the 3 Cormorants. It is a tough Preserve to photograph Birds on the Lake because of the steep slopes and all the trees lining the 50 acre Lake. And the birds usually seem to feel safer in the middle of the Lake. They also have Loons certain times of the year but they are even harder to get good images even @ 1200mm. But it is only 10 minutes from our home so is easy to go to and see what we can find.


Screen SPP Map_v1

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