Bald Eagle In Flight

I was going through some old Raw images from Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge and found this image of a Bald Eagle that I never worked on. Sometimes it is fun to go over old Raw files to see if the newer software can pull more details or colors out of the Raw files. Usually, Yes you can get more from your old files. This Eagle flew out of a group of trees on the bend in the Wildlife Drive before the middle exit. I liked the blue sky background with the soft clouds. I was using a 500mm lens on an older Canon 1D MkIII body. Blackwater NWR is one of my favorite locations to photograph – Especially for the Bald Eagles.

I was asked about the lower wingtip being cut off. It did not bother me when I posted it in the beginning as that is how it was photographed. But I added it in and viewers can choose / decide which one they like better.

eagle v9 copy

8 Comments on “Bald Eagle In Flight

    • Thanks Greta! One of my favorite photo subjects! We usually go to the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Maryland to photograph Bald Eagles. They supposedly have the largest concentration of Bald Eagles in the Northeast.

  1. That’s some dynamic picture.
    Have you thought of extending the photographic canvas downward a bit and filling in the missing tips at the end of the wing? Or would you consider that to be trickery?

    • Thanks Steve! I thought about doing that, and maybe I will. When you are using a long lens at a close distance I thought I was lucky to get what I did when it flew out of the trees. I tried to track it and was waiting for blue sky background.

  2. I agree! I will add some wing tips tomorrow with more sky and recenter all in the sky. Then viewers can decide which they like better.

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