Different Panoramas

We were photographing at Plainsboro Preserve, looking for Dragonflies and birds a couple of days ago. Plainsboro Preserve includes over 1,000 acres of undisturbed open space with nature trails and 50-acre McCormack Lake.  The New Jersey Audubon Society  manages the preserve on behalf of Plainsboro and Middlesex County. We did find a few Birds & Dragonflies, but there were quite a few Deer grazing in the fields. This is the first time we saw Male Deer there. I was shooting @ 600mm so closeup images were 2 or 3 image panos. The featured Doe and the images of the fawn, I photographed next to the road on our drive out. For the featured image I shot 3 images @ 600mm because she was so close to the road. The Fawn images were also 2 or 3 multi-image panoramas to get the whole Fawn in. Because they were moving I had to manually blend the panoramas with soft edge masks. Since we were going to a local park, mainly looking for Dragonflies, I only had the one lens with me so I had to make do with what I had.


Fawn, 2 image pano @600mm

Doe_PP_v3_8_19_5img_stk v2

Doe, 3 img pano @600mm

Doe_v2_PP_600mm_2img_pano_v2_8 19

Doe, 3 img pano @600mm


Fawn, 2 img pano @600mm (with Practice you can shoot Panoramas of moving subjects)


Fawn, 3 image pano @600mm

Fawn-v2 PP8_19_600mm

Fawn, 3 image pano @ 600mm


Single image @ 600mm


Males- grazing in a distant field



7 Comments on “Different Panoramas

    • Thanks Eliza! I usually am not fond of deer! At my old home we had a pond that attracted them. They would sleep there at night sometimes. Plus they made a mess in the yard and ate our flowers. Sometimes we would have a bunch of them there. But here it was something to try shooting panos of them since they still move a little while I was shooting a series. Plus I was not taking them home with me!

    • Thanks Donna! Photoshop pretty much does the work! I just shoot the series! You just have to get used how to shoot your images for more success. It is a little harder because I was handholding the camera so there is more aligning needed than if I was on a tripod. But it is a handy technique if you are walking around with only a long lens and see a view you want. It is a easy technique once you get used to using it. My record is 64 images, not only horizontal but multiple rows shot with a 300mm lens.

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