Black Swallowtail Butterfly

We went to a local park to look for Dragonflies, but I noticed this Black Swallowtail Butterfly on some flowers by the pond on the way in. It looked colorful with the flowers and I liked the contrast of the dark colored butterfly against the flowers.

Black Swallowtail_Butterfly_v1_DM 8_19_76A2481Black_Swallowtail_v2_DM_76A2559

6 Comments on “Black Swallowtail Butterfly

  1. Gorgeous shots of this spectacular butterfly. I love the way that you were able to capture the colorful flowers so well too.

    • Thanks Mike! It was a tough windy day, so I was shooting at ISO 1600, which I usually do not do! Then removed some noise in processing. I was mainly looking for Dragonflies but they were not cooperating that day!

    • Thanks Belinda! I was looking for Dragonflies, but that day butterflies were more interesting! It was very windy so they were being blown all over.

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