Reddish Egret with Radio Tracker @ Ding Darling NWR

Reddish_Egret w_radio tracker_600mm_v2_76A0740

When I was working on the files of this Reddish Egret I photographed at Ding Darling NWR, there was one feather that always looked like it was sticking up and seemed strange. So on the images I was working on I just cloned it out because it looked odd. It was not til I was working on the last image I saw it was a radio tracker, not a weird feather sticking up. I was surprised how large it was. I was going to go back and leave it in, but decided to stay with a “cleaner” look for most of them. I have seen tracking bands on their legs, but it was a first time I saw a radio tracker on a bird at Ding Darling NWR. Especially a tracker that large. This Reddish Egret was working this area from early morning with cooler light and gradually I got some warmer shots as the sun got higher in the sky. You can see the progression of cooler early morning images, then to the last warmer with the sun higher in the sky.


Early Morning Light @600mm



Earlier morning light before sun warmed up the area. With Tracker antenna showing.


Same Reddish Egret in Warmer light

8 Comments on “Reddish Egret with Radio Tracker @ Ding Darling NWR

  1. Such a beautiful bird. I have mixed feelings about radio trackers. The science it provides probably ultimately helps the species, but it seems so intrusive to the individual.

    • Hi! I agree with you! It was not until I was working on my last image of the series that I saw the tracker. After seeing it, I noticed it on some of the others. I assume it is a tracker because of the antenna.

  2. WOW, the last shot is stunning, Reed!! How awesome to sight a bird with a radio tracker, I think that’s pretty neat. I thought I once had an Osprey with one, but was disappointed to find it was a feather after all.

    • Thanks Donna! As I was working on the images, I thought it was a weird feather so I kept cloning them out. On the last image I saw what it really was and did not want to go back and start over on adjusting them.

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