Walk In The Park, Infrared Style

DM_Pond_3img v1_76A1515

I always wanted to try Infrared images in B+W. So I finally ordered a Hoya R72 Filter (Deep Red) since I am semi-retired now and have more time to experiment. The HOYA R72 Infrared filter blocks visible light up to 720nm (high-red) and above, providing more predictable results. Only problem is it an extremely dark filter that has exposure time factor of 16X. So if you have a 1 second exposure normally, with the filter it would be 16 seconds. So with this filter you are going to be using a tripod. You could convert a camera to infrared from one of the companies that offer this service and from what I researched you can then not need a tripod. Also now you are shooting infrared so your autofocus on your camera is not set up for infrared light so you have to focus manually, Or many lenses have a infrared focus mark on the focus scale (usually a red line) on the lens (for infinity focus) so you can set it to that mark on the focus scale. Which seemed to work on my Canon 24-105mm lens. I was using a Canon R Mirrorless for these images so I could easily see to focus manually, but on a DSLR it would be very dark to focus thru the viewfinder.

The biggest tip for shooting with the R72 Filter is to also shoot a White card or grayscale card to color balance your shots. I just used 1 shot for White balance in the beginning and set an action in Photoshop to balance all my files from that session of shooting.

base infrared_v1_76A1528

Raw Capture before color balance added in post production

ir base aft_wht_bal_76A1528

Color balance after applying white balance


Image after converting to Grayscale – (B&W)

After working on files for the first time you get use to working with them and can setup actions to get somewhat predictable results going thru images rather quickly.

Here are a series of images from my short time at the park trying different subjects.

DM IR v6_76A1552 copy

Large Pond – Single image @24mm

DM IR 2img pano_8

2 image panorama shot of field @ 24mm

DM 2img Pano IR BW 2nd vf5

Main Large Pond @24mm


Tree near Entrance Gate – 24mm

_DM IR_v3_76A1519

Small Pond @ 24mm

DM Gate_Ir_v2_76A1535

Entrance Gate – @24mm

DM Pond v2_2img pano_76A1553

Large Pond near Boat Launch @24mm

2 Comments on “Walk In The Park, Infrared Style

    • Thanks Donna! It is fun to try new techniques or ways to photograph your subjects. Thought I would try an IR filter instead of converting a camera body to IR.

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