More Black Skimmers From Brigantine

It is fun to watch Black Skimmers working in pairs. While we were at the Brigantine Division of the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge we noticed this pair of Black Skimmers working this area along the Wildlife Drive. They kept flying across the main channel of water along the Drive, then turning into a perpendicular channel flying away from us. Then they would return and repeat their flight path, skimming along the water as they flew by. It is fun to photograph them when you have fairly smooth water to see their paths behind them to visually see the arcing paths they take while fishing in tandem.


Black Skimmers banking to return for another pass


Black Skimmers @ 600mm


Returning Skimmers crossing paths


Black Skimmers changing direction




7 Comments on “More Black Skimmers From Brigantine

    • Thanks! The wake showing their streaking through the water is one of the cool parts of photographing them! Plus many times they really concentrate on one area working it for quite a while. These were out quite a ways so even @ 600mm the birds were smaller, but their wake in the water was included, showing their movement patterns.

    • Thanks Belinda! They are interesting birds to photograph! I was lucky that they were working that channel for about 20 minutes. Another pair came and only stayed a few minutes.

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