Roseate Spoonbill Antics

While I was photographing birds at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm I noticed these 2 Spoonbills, high up on a branch, interacting together. They kept prodding each other and making quite a bit of noise squawking as they were going at it.  But it gave me an opportunity to get some interesting photos of them while they were busy.  I was using a zoom lens from 350mm to 600mm. Maybe the one just wanted the spot on the branch the other one was standing. After a few minutes it did get the spot on the branch. While I was working on my files I was amazed at the detail of the images from the Canon R. Especially the fine feather details and the clean look of the files.

Roseate_Spoonbills_v1_AF_4_19_250mm_76A9000 Roseate_Spoonbills_v2_AF_4_19Roseate_Spoonbills_v2_AF_4_19_310mm_76A8977Roseate_Spoonbills_v2_AF_4_19_225mm_76A8973Roseate_Spoonbills_v2_AF_4_19_225mm_76A8967Roseate_Spoonbill_v2_AF_4_19_600mm_76A8957Roseate_Spoonbill_v2_AF_4_19_600mm_76A8948Roseate_Spoonbill_v2_600mm_AF_4_19_76A8930


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