Flying Brant Ducks with Atlantic City Skyline

As I was photographing clouds along the Wildlife Drive at the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge, Brigantine Division, this group of Brant Ducks took off. I thought it looked interesting as they flew over this little jetty of land in the water’s edge. Then they banked and flew farther to the right and over the Atlantic City Skyline you could see in the distance. The sky was constantly changing depending on which direction you were looking at. The cloud cover went from heavily overcast and ominous looking to blue sky with nice feathery clouds. But it did make for a wide variety of cloudscapes in one outing.


Olympus OMD-1, 14-140mm lens @ 48mm


2 Comments on “Flying Brant Ducks with Atlantic City Skyline

    • Thanks Donna! I liked the skyline of Atlantic City in the background because it stood out a little more than your usual Wildlife Refuge!

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