Snow Geese Flight At Noon

As we were wandering around the Blackwater NWR looking for photo subjects I saw these Snow Geese taking off, but stayed low close to the water. The sun was really bright on the water so the white Snow Geese sort of disappeared against the bright reflections in the water, but I still liked the Snow Geese that stood out against the darker tree line.

4 Comments on “Snow Geese Flight At Noon

    • Thanks Belinda! They are fun to photograph! Just seeing the huge flocks of them flying is amazing! The featured image is just a small slice of the entire group in this section. Plus the noise they make is pretty cool! They are fun to watch take off in huge

  1. Very nice, Reed! We rode through BNWR on V-Day just once to try to get close to the Snow Geese we could see swirling from Key Wallace Drive. By the time we got to that part of the drive, the SG had settled back down. We waited a half hour and it wasn’t too long til sunset, but they never took off again. Probably down for the night! šŸ™‚

    • Yes, sometimes they do not seem to cooperate with the photographers!! Other times it is non-stop action! One day along the drive they kept taking off from the water along the drive, did a circuit around and landed. Then in a couple of minutes they did it again. They did this over and over for about 40 minutes! I ran out of CF cards!

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