Canada Geese Flyout At Sunset

While photographing the Bald Eagles along the Wildlife Drive at Blackwater NWR at dusk, I noticed this group of Canada Geese winging away into the colorful sunset sky. I liked the color and the dark silhouettes of the Geese and was able to get a few images of them. The featured image was my favorite of the series because they all had their wings in an “up” position. Somehow they looked more like a “precision formation” instead of a scattered flock of geese flying away. I used to photograph a lot of Military Aviation Display Teams years ago so it brought back memories.

8 Comments on “Canada Geese Flyout At Sunset

    • Thank You! The colorful skies at Blackwater are amazing! Sometimes we position ourselves near the end of the Wildlife Drive waiting for the sun to set to get some colorful sunsets. A lot of time you see huge flocks flying through the sunset. They do not seem to bother you as long as you do not stay too long after sunset.

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