Early Morning

An early morning sun shining through the tree limbs. Shot with an iPhone as I was taking a walk at a local nature preserve. 2 shot HDR image using the Camera Pro App. Sometimes you just do not feel like lugging around a big camera, but usually when you do not take one you see an image you want to take or one that catches your eye. The Camera Pro App is a love hate relationship. Sometimes it is amazing for its HDR feature. Other times if fails miserably. I give it working well 60 to 70 percent of the time. I have now switched to the Camera+ 2 app which seems to work better.


2 Comments on “Early Morning

  1. A question and a statement. Question, if this is a 2-shot necessary for an HDR, did you have a tripod or some sort of steadying tool? Seems like I can detect a little fuzziness due to handheld shots, but it’s also remarkably sharp for something that night have been handheld. I ask because having a tripod almost seems to defeat the purpose of keeping a camera-phone handy in your pocket. Statement, thank you for using a camera-phone for a serious shot. I encourage fellow photographers to come to terms with this ubiquitous instrument and start extending its functionality. I find I’m using my iPhone 6+ for more “serious” photos, or at least composing photos in the phone more intentionally and making them all a bit more than snaps. I don’t, however, use anything more than the app built into the phone. So I guess I’m still not taking it seriously enough.

    • Hi John! Yes it is 2 shots, handheld with an iPhone 6+. I was at a local Nature area and was using the ProCamera app on my iPhone for this. If it thinks it needs 2 images for a shot it automatically shoots a burst of 2 images and automatically combines them for a final or you can shoot multiples and combine them later in an image editing software. Sometimes it works well and sometimes it does not. Lately I am using the app Camera +2 which I find better for more true “camera” usage. I also find panoramas in the Apple Camera app are very good. A lot of times I will use those images, bring them into Camera Raw (set to open jpegs in Photoshop) and pull out even more details and adjust noise, detail, etc.) Some of those I have printed from 5ft to 8 or 10 feet wide with satisfactory results. Not as good as a true larger format camera, but surprisingly nice enough. A lot of times I am walking around with a 300mm or 400mm lens so I do not want to carry another camera with a wider lens, I just use my iPhone. I do like the Camera+ 2 app & I think is pretty nice results wise. I also find the best camera for the moment is the one you have with you which is usually my iPhone. Hope this helps!

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