Sunrise At Blackwater

While we were at Blackwater NWR, I enjoyed shooting some landscapes besides the usual wildife.  The featured image was on the morning of the second day there, by the entrance to the Wildlife Drive by pool 1. I was using a 12-24mm zoom lens @12mm. This image is a multi-image blend for the effect I wanted to capture. One exposure for the brighter sky and sunburst and others for the darker water and foreground. For the sky I was shooting @ f/22 to get a dramatic starburst on the sun. Then I opened up and shot a few bracketed shots for the darker water and ground so I could choose the areas I needed to use to blend into my final image. Then aligned them all in Photoshop and blended the series with soft masks. Depending on the lens or camera format I am using and the strength of the starburst I want determines what f/stop I use to get the final shot. It is usually f/11, f/16 or f/22.


Setting sun, 12mm @ f/11

8 Comments on “Sunrise At Blackwater

    • Thanks Donna! I always stop here to look for birds in the water but they are usually far, far out. But on this day the sun looked interesting so I concentrated on that!

    • Thanks! It is always a fun trip to go to Blackwater NWR. Between the Wildlife and landscapes there are a lot of opportunities for photography!

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