Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge Is Open

We went to the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge a few days ago. We were not sure if it would be open during the government shutdown but the Refuge & Wildlife Drive were open and we had a great 2 days there. The visitor center and gift shop were closed though. Lots of Snow Geese, Tundra Swans & Canada Geese, etc. We also saw quite a few Bald Eagles but not many close by. But the sunsets & clouds were amazing.


Sunset near end of the Wildlife Drive. OMD E-M1, Mk I, With 14-140mm @14mm


6 Comments on “Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge Is Open

    • Thanks Belinda! Have quite a few to go through before posting more. Blackwater is one of my favorite places to photograph! To bad it is over 3 hours away!

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