Great Egrets Preening At Blackwater NWR

I finally got a chance to go through images I shot at Blackwater NWR a couple of months ago. Here are two Egrets preening in a tree along the Wildlife Drive. The featured image is a 3 image blend, shot with a 400mm lens with a 1.4x teleconverter. I purposely shot the top and the bottom image a little softer so the main center area stood out more when I blended the images in Photoshop.


After I photographed the featured image series another Egret flew by behind the two in the tree, giving me an opportunity to photograph something flying! We then mostly concentrated on Landscape Panoramas and dragonflies the rest of the day. The cloud formations were spectacular so it was still a wonderful day to photograph at the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge!


6 Comments on “Great Egrets Preening At Blackwater NWR

  1. Thanks! It is one of my favorite places to photograph! Once in a while it seems to be a slow day for Eagles and other birds. So then I do landscapes. Eagle population is higher October through the Winter to early Spring. Their population usually doubles in those months. You might also get a Golden Eagle, which is rare there. Only saw one once. If there was a private way to email me I could send you a pdf book I have done on Blackwater.

    • Thanks and sorry for the delay in responding! Yes I agree that is why I wanted to include it so I shot the multiple images and blended them! Thanks again!

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