Plainsboro Preserve Fall Color 2 Image 400mm Panorama

We went to Plainsboro Preserve to see what we could find for photo subjects. I had a 400mm lens hoping to find some Wildlife on Lake McCormack. There were lots of Canada Geese and a few ducks. But nothing to get excited about. So I switched to shooting the colorful landscapes and colorful leaves. With the 400mm lens I had to shoot my subjects with multiple images to combine them later for my final images in Photoshop. My multi-image pano images are from 2 images up to 35 images for a very long panorama of Lake McCormack with the colorful trees on the far shore with about 100 Canada Geese in the water. For this post it is a 2 Image pano through the trees looking across the lake on the far end of Lake McCormack.


3 horizontal images @400mm combined for a vertical pano image





13 Comments on “Plainsboro Preserve Fall Color 2 Image 400mm Panorama

    • Thanks! Instead of carrying a bunch of lenses, it is easier and more enjoyable for a longer walk. Plus if using a wider focal length lens you would probably have more depth of field for the background, giving a more distracting background. Where a 400mm lens separates it more. It is actually easy to do, Photoshop basically does it, sort of, automatically. You just have to get used to doing it to get predictable results.

    • Thanks! It is a fun place to take a walk! It was a little more colorful earlier in the week, but lately I sometimes do not take a camera! I am sort of fully retired now, but a few clients send me work I can still do, so I just enjoy being out and taking a walk.

    • Yes, it seems pretty colorful here, but a lot of areas by me look “stressed” with a lot of mottling and dark splotches on the leaves up close. But it is still very colorful at a distance.

      • That brown leaf fungus is here as well. Pretty much ruined the maple color, which is always our big bang, alas. Some say it is related to climate change. Ugh.

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