Walk In The Woods #2 & 3

Here is the second image from Our “Walk In The Woods” series the other day. There was not much sunlight along the path in the woods so it seemed like a lot of the subjects were mushrooms or other fungi. Again a multi-image shot, photographed @f/4, 300mm to have a shallow depth of field to highlight the areas I wanted to be sharp and to keep the background softer and darker to make the main section stand out. 4 images blended in Photoshop. I also did not want to brighten the images too much so as to maintain the Darkness of the area. The third image below, again fungi on a decaying tree limb. As before, a series of focus points & images @f/4, handheld. Assembled in Photoshop.


DM Woods_P1060516

Coming Out of the Woods, 2 img vertical panorama with my small Panasonic Pocket Camera. Shows how dark the “Woods” were. In this image I actually oped up the shadows quite a bit so you could see some detail.



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