Milkweed Plants & Milkweed Bugs – Both Large & Small

Here is a series of images from our visit to Davidson’s Mill Pond Park showing Milkweed Bugs, both the large and small variety, on the waning Milkweed Plants. Again these are stacked or panorama images from two to four images, handheld and assembled in Photoshop. Shot with a close focusing 300mm lens.


7 Comments on “Milkweed Plants & Milkweed Bugs – Both Large & Small

  1. Wow. These shots are really cool, Reed. I shot some similar ones with my macro lens, but my images definitely don’t have the wonderful depth of field that you got by stacking multiple images.

    • Thanks Mike! I enjoy doing these kind of images. Mostly for the fun of it plus the challenge. By using a long lens with a limited depth of field you can assemble from the pieces kind of what you want. With these I had plenty of light but strong wind, so it was a bit challenging. But then again it does not take much to keep me amused! My next series was in the tree covered woods with hardly any light and I did not want to use flash so they are more challenging.

      • I look forward to your next series. I am always looking for creative ways to shoot my subjects and am encouraged/inspired when I see what other photographers like you are doing.

  2. Superb. Spectacular. Stupendous. Oh, yes … and sensational. This is why you are on my Jaw Drop list of amazing photographers. These may be the best yet.

    • Thank you so much for the kind words!! I just retired a few weeks ago from my commercial photography studio. So I can now concentrate on my personal work! But the 48 years of doing commercial work does help in my personal work!

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