Fall Milkweed At Davidsons Mill Pond

We went to a local park, Davidsons Mill Pond Park, to look for photo subjects. The Milkweed Plants were starting to look the worse for wear, but that is what happens this time of year. I liked the weathered “look” of the plants and the “feathery” pods as the season is coming to a close. I was using a 300mm close focusing lens for these to try to capture the fine detail of the weathered pods and keep the backgrounds somewhat softer. These are a series of images taken from 1 image each up to 4 handheld images which I then aligned and combined in Photoshop. It was windy so it was difficult to get some of the series to blend well, but I got quite a few. The next series will feature the Milkweed with Large & Small Milkweed Bugs, which adds some color but not good for the plants. The Milkweed is a favorite for Monarch Butterflies.

DM_Fall_Color v6_43G9088DM_Fall_Milkweed_v1_5img_DM_FALL_Milkweed_3img_v2_43G9268DM_Fall_Mlkweed_v2_43G9293DM_Fall_Milkweed_v1_43G9231 2sht_PanDM_Fall_Milkweed_v2_43G9247

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