Widow Skimmer

Some more Dragonfly images from Davidson’s Mill Pond Park, shot in the beginning of September. Probably the last dragonfly images for me this year because of work. We found them around the small pond that is near the entrance along the roadway. I was hard pressed to find a few dragonflies to photograph there for the blog.


6 Comments on “Widow Skimmer

    • Thanks! I agree their wing details are fun to photograph. Years ago when I had my own pond I was able to get really close just for wing details because they were used to me. Some were at 2x to 5x.

  1. Lovely photos. This time of year is always a bit sad for me, as the dragons get harder to find. I was just out today shooting Blue-faced Meadowhawks here in NW Ohio, probably one of the last species I’ll see this year.

    • Thanks Kim! I agree that it is a bit sad this time of year. Have to wait till next year to photograph the dragons & damsels! Even the few we see here are very beat up looking in their wings! Some are missing large areas of their wings!

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