More Monarchs

Butterfly season and Summer are coming to an end. The butterflies and dragonflies are starting to look the worse for wear. Wings are starting to look more tattered and pieces are missing. These were taken at Davidson’s Mill Pond Park outside the butterfly house that is now closed. This year with work and the weather not cooperating I never shot inside the butterfly house, but I enjoy getting shots where they are not in a controlled environment anyway. I like the look and challenge of a natural environment to capture my images instead of a “zoo” like environment.

Monarch_v2_43G7762With the wind blowing them and the branch all around and their constant movement I was surprised I got some sharp images. I was not stopped down much so I sacrificed depth of field for a higher shutter speed to help stop blur from the butterfly blowing around in the wind.

Monarch_v2_DM 9_2_18_43G7794_43G7827 v3

10 Comments on “More Monarchs

    • Thanks! I agree, many friends like photographing in zoos or other controlled areas, which is fine, but I like trying to find subjects not in zoos or the like.

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