Slaty Skimmer Dragonfly From Davidson’s Mill Pond Park

I am going through my dragonfly images shot earlier this Summer at various locations. These are Slaty Skimmers photographed at Davidson’s Mill Pond Park in Monmouth County, New Jersey. For these I used a Canon 7D (1.6 crop sensor) 300mm f/4 lens and a 1.4x or 2x teleconverter to get closer since my subjects did not want to cooperate and come closer to the edge of the pond.

Slaty_Skimmer_v8_DM 960mm

Slaty Skimmer – Side View @ 960mm (Field Of View)

Slaty Skimmer v3_MG_8604

Slaty Skimmer Closeup Wing Detail

Slaty_Skimmer_v1_DM 7_18_MG_3804

Slaty Skimmer – Side View

Slaty_Skimmer_v2_DM 7 18

Slaty Skimmer – 3/4 rear view

Slaty_Skimmer_v1 2img stk

Slaty Skimmer – Side View

Slaty_Skimmer_v3 DM 7 18

Slaty Skimmer – Side View

Slaty Skimmer v1 DM 7 18

Slaty Skimmer Wing Detail

6 Comments on “Slaty Skimmer Dragonfly From Davidson’s Mill Pond Park

  1. I agree! They are amazing! They are one of my favorite subjects. It is amazing how many different types there are, especially depending on different states or even environments in the same area. And then there are Damselflies which usually totally confuse me as to what type they are!

  2. Thank Eliza! On some the wings are focus stacked. Even with a 300mm close focusing lens, the wings are usually a little out of focus. So many times I shoot a separate series of the wingtips and blend them in Photoshop with the main image.

    • Thank you! They are fun to photograph! You get used to the ones in your local area, but when your photographing in a different state, it is sometimes challenging to ID them. Also males & females are different in coloring.

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