Great Blue Heron Flyby

While I was photographing a Great Blue Heron off in the distance, this closer one took off and flew by right in front of me.  I was using a slower shutter speed because I had my lens stopped down more than usual because of the distance and wanted more depth of field, so the wingtips of this Heron show some blurred movement. Thought it was still interesting and liked the movement of the wingtips.


Great Blue Heron In field before taking flight


Great Blue Heron Takeoff


6 Comments on “Great Blue Heron Flyby

  1. Thanks Belinda! It was the least amount of birds I ever saw there on this trip. Usually you get tired of photographing them. But we never went in August before. So we settled for Dragonflies, Cloudscapes, Landscapes, Sunrises and Sunsets. So it was still a Great time!

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