Lake McCormack At Plainsboro Preserve

We went to Plainsboro Preserve to look for Dragonflies. Along the path we went down to the waters edge to look at Lake McCormack and enjoy the view of the lake. I was using a m43 Panasonic with a 14 – 140mm Lens. The clouds and trees reflecting in the water looked interesting so I wanted to shoot some panoramas. I shot 4 horizontal overlapping shots to get the whole view. On m43 wide angle shots I tend to overlap more than I would with a standard Canon wide angle. For some reason it seems to go together better and not get funky blends. I assembled & blended the panorama in Photoshop. While I was at the waters edge I liked the fallen tree branch in the water near the shore and the clouds added interest also. I liked the branch pointing diagonally in the foreground. It almost seemed like it portrayed some movement in the image with the pointing branch. This was just 2 vertical images, again assembled in Photoshop.

PP Landscape v3_2img blnd 7 18

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