Halloween Pennant Dragonfly

We went to Plainsboro Preserve to look for Dragonflies, or whatever else we could find. The New Jersey Audubon Society manages the Preserve on behalf of Plainsboro and Middlesex County. The Preserve is over 1,000 acres of undistrubed open space with nature trails and 50 acre McCormack Lake. It was supposed to start to rain so I decided to travel light and just took a m43 Camera with a 14-140mm lens (Full Frame DSLR FOV equivalent ~28-280mm). There were lots of dragonfly’s along the paths and off to the sides but were mostly buzzing around so with the m43 camera it was tough to get shots of them. When they did land it was only for a few seconds. We are going back when it is not going to rain and have more time to explore for Dragonflies. It is interesting how different places, but still close in proximity attract different types of dragonflies. I guess it depends on water conditions. They say Skimmers are attracted to still waters or slow streams.




7 Comments on “Halloween Pennant Dragonfly

  1. Beautiful shot of a gorgeous dragonfly, Reed, although I think it may be a Calico Pennant and not a Halloween Pennant.

    • Thanks Mike! I had trouble ID’ing this one. I settled on the Halloween instead of the Calico because the hind wing has more & larger dark spots than a Calico. Also it does not have dark spots on the outer tips of the wings. But I could be wrong!!

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