Teneral Dragonfly??

Going through old images I have not worked on before, I found this series on what I think is a Teneral Dragonfly that must have recently emerged a little before I spotted it. The wings looking very crystalline like and it did not seem able to fly yet. I have seen a quite few when I had my own pond and was always fun to see and photograph. Not sure exactly what kind it is but it stayed where it was for quite a while before I moved on. Images taken with a Canon 400mm f/4 DO lens with extension tubes since it was closer than the minimum focus of the lens. 1/50th sec @ f/8 ISO 400.

Exoskeleton Next to Dragonfly

6 Comments on “Teneral Dragonfly??

    • Thanks! That was the ID I was leaning towards! But many times a general does not have much color or it changes as it goes on.

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