Common Whitetail Dragonflies

We saw quite a few Common Whitetail Dragonflies while we were at Davidson’s Mill Pond Park. Here are a few images from the many we saw. It is interesting at the small pond, which you can walk almost completely around, you tend to see many of one or two types in certain areas but not many in other areas. It seems certain types like certain areas. Then you see really large dragonflies constantly zooming around the center above the Lily pads. Overall they are fun to watch. I guess I should post a few different photo subjects and take a break from dragonflies.

Common Whitetail v2_43G9037Common_Whitetail v3_DM 18_43G9021

6 Comments on “Common Whitetail Dragonflies

  1. You can never post too many dragonfly photos as far as I am concerned. In some of the places that I visit, Common Whitetails are in fact quite common. You did a nice job of capturing their beauty–I especially like the last shot with its somewhat unusual angle.

    • I agree you can not post too many Dragonflies! I have to try going to a few different places I used to go to go for maybe a few different types. It seems lately it is mostly the same ones. Blackwater NWR in Maryland was one I liked – beautiful sunrises & sunsets, Eagles & Ospreys and Dragonflies – a perfect photo trip!

      • I know that in our area, you have to go to some pretty specific habitats to find the less common dragonflies, which also seem to have shorter seasons. I tend to be an opportunistic shooter and like to have a variety of subjects, rather than focus all of my attention on searching for the exotic species.

      • I agree with you! Lately I have been going close to home so Dragonflies and flowers seem to be what I find interesting lately. They do not have to be exotic so it is fun to try different techniques or ways to process the raw files.

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