Flowers From Our Garden

I enjoy photographing my wife’s flowers in our gardens. Lately I seem to like using a 300mm lens with a close focusing capability, wide open @ f/4 to get a smooth creamy background, instead of a shorter focal length macro which would give more depth of field which opening up 1 stop would not give the same effect. Often I use manual focus and shoot a series of focus points to get more depth of field on the main flower subject and stack the image series in Photoshop for more depth of field on my subject flower, yet keeping a creamy smoother background. This because we live in a condo now and our flower gardens are only 3 feet deep around the perimeter of the house.


Hosta, @ f/4. The leaves are very close here to my main subject so even f/4 does not soften the background enough.

Hosta_v1 2sht_pano_43G8925

Wider view of above Hosta, showing a little more depth of field & view by stepping back a few feet, but same f stop.

Hardy Lily v1_43G8934

Day Lily @ f/4


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