Day Lily 4 Shot Panorama & Focus Stacking

I used 4 photos shot at different focus points and narrow depth of field to get a soft background along with sharp detail on my flower subjects. Shot with a handheld Sigma 150mm macro lens @ f/5.6. Assembled in Photoshop for both the blending of images and then the panorama.

4 Comments on “Day Lily 4 Shot Panorama & Focus Stacking

  1. Thank you! I have been using different narrow focus on elements of an image and then combining them to create the look and effects I want. Plus it is fun to try new techniques! But Photoshop is a Must for this to work!

  2. Some beautiful images on you site. The macro ones are really inspiring as next year one of the competitons at my local photography club is macro.

    • Thanks for the kind words! Macro is fun plus you do not have to travel far to find photo subjects. Plus with practice you tend to find interesting photo subjects that most people would pass by and not “see”. I hope you find interesting subjects for your club competition next year! Also another way to “look” at macro is seeing macro images as tiny landscapes and kind of treating them as such. Thanks again!

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