Osprey Fishing Sequence

This is a set of images of an Osprey fishing series. I was photographing this Osprey flying overhead when it saw something and went into a dive to catch a meal. I lost the Osprey in my viewfinder on the way down but got it again as it hit the water. I kept shooting while it caught it’s prey, surfaced and flew off. The final image is when it circled around and flew by me with it’s fish in its claws.
Osprey_Fishing_MG_1121Osprey_Fishing_MG_1120Osprey_Fishing_MG_1122Osprey_Fishing_MG_1123Osprey_Fishing_MG_1125Osprey_Fishing_MG_1126Osprey_Fishing_MG_1127Osprey_Fishing_MG_1128Osprey_Fishing_MG_1129Osprey_Fishing_MG_1130Osprey_Fishing_MG_1131Osprey_Fishing_MG_1132Osprey_Fishing_MG_1133Osprey_Fishing_MG_1134Osprey_Fishing_MG_1135Osprey Fishing_MG_1136

12 Comments on “Osprey Fishing Sequence

    • Thanks! Ospreys are one of my favorite bird subjects! That and Bald Eagles! It is fun to try different ways to show photographically sequences.

  1. Wow. That’s a wonderful sequence, Reed, that is really enhanced by the beautiful reflections in so many of the shots.

    • Thank You! Yes, they are fun to watch “fish”! At this Nature Area it is full of Carp, a bright Orange fish. This time it was not that kind, but on other shotsI have, it seems strange to see them leaving with a very large Orange fish!

    • Thank You! They are always fun to watch and photograph! When they are circling the small lake and you are working on some of the flyby shots of them, it is strange to see their eyes actually staring at you!

  2. It’s a great sequence you captured. I’ve captured how bald eagles snatching fish from the water many times but still not as dramatic as osprey that actually dives for fish. I enjoyed the blog very much!!

    • Thanks so much! These were taken at a small lake in a small Natural Area that seems to attract quite a few Ospreys. I have seen 7 here at one time taking turns fishing. It used to be a carp farm, so it is strange when they leave with a large orange fish sometimes!

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