#3 – Meeting House Panorama – 360+ Degree View @24mm

Final Meeting House Image is 20 overlapping images, handheld, again @ 24mm. I basically just started at one end and kept shooting as I turned completely around. I actually went more than 360 degrees, but decided to keep it that way. When doing this and shooting at 24mm you have to overlap the images more than if using a longer focal length lens. Again we had clouds which added interest and added more dimension to the image. It is interesting how Photoshop aligns and blends all the images together. After Photoshop combines everything you have to go in and tweak a little here and there. Especially since I was not using a tripod to keep it level. The final image is made from 20 images and is about 170 inches long.

2 Comments on “#3 – Meeting House Panorama – 360+ Degree View @24mm

  1. Thanks! It is fun to try new or other ways to photograph your subjects or scenes. Plus you never know when it will come in handy if it is a view you really want to capture.

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