Osprey Flying Towards Nest

From a previous visit to the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge, I photographed this Osprey heading for it’s nest, coming in for a landing. There are lots of Ospreys flying around the Refuge, plus many Osprey platforms with nests that are along the Wildlife Drive. If you wait by one of the platforms along the Drive you can get good images of Ospreys flying in or flying out. Plus bringing fish to feed the young Ospreys.

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8 Comments on “Osprey Flying Towards Nest

    • They are one of my favorite birds to photograph. Especially when they are flying in and out of the nest. Also sometimes you see an Osprey defending the nest from other Ospreys, hawks and other birds.

  1. Great shots! They are beautiful birds.
    Here the rivers are at flood stage from an unusually heavy snow melt. The water is very muddy, making it hard for the Ospreys to fish and so they are hunting along the banks and meadows.It’s nice to see them flying quite low overhead.

    • They are fun to watch! And they are very agile flyers! I have only seen them fishing by diving into the water for a fish. It must be tough for them to find a meal not diving in the water. But then again they are very agile flyers and powerful birds. At Blackwater NWR the Bald Eagles and Ospreys sometimes go at it by trying to steal the others fish while flying.

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