Tree Swallows Take Over Bluebird Box.

A few days before Tree Swallows and Bluebirds were fi ghting over this box. They kept swooping down and attacking the birds trying to get in the box. I had a 24-105mm lens with me that day and I did not want to get too close to the box to photograph the action. It seems the Tree Swallows must have won the battle since they were in the box on this day.

Tree_Swallows_BluBird_Box v2Tree_Swallow BLUBRD Box v2_43G7150

4 Comments on “Tree Swallows Take Over Bluebird Box.

  1. I love to see the swallows. The ones who spend the summer here have just returned and are starting to get interesting in nesting.

    • Swallows are fun to watch! They always seem busy darting back and forth. I enjoyed watching a pair years ago as they were passing a feather back and forth for about 10 minutes.

  2. The bird on top of the box is a juvenile Tree Swallow (the bird is brown while an adult Tree Swallow would be blue) The bird in the box is a House Sparrow. Perhaps the House Sparrow took over the nest and the juvenile Tree Swallow is from a different nest?

    • Maybe! But Bluebirds were in the action also. I went to my car to get a camera and the Bluebirds were gone when I got back. It was a popular box that day! Thanks for the ID.

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