More Bluebirds from Davidsons Mill Pond Park

The Bluebirds seem to be quite active at Davidson’s Mill Pond Park. They seem to be constantly interacting with the Tree Swallows around the Bluebird Boxes. Here are some more images from my walk in the park looking for Bluebirds.

Blue_Bird_v1_DM18_43G7076Blue Bird_v2_DM18_43G7034Blue_Bird_v2_DM18_43G7062BlueBird House_v3_DM18_43G7023BlueBird v2 DM 18_43G7006BlueBird v2 DM 18_43G6989BlueBird v2 DM 18_43G6991BlueBird House_v1_DM18_43G7023Blue_Bird_v2_DM18_43G7080BlueBird v1 DM 18_43G7006

6 Comments on “More Bluebirds from Davidsons Mill Pond Park

    • Thanks! They are fun to watch and photograph! The boxes are about eye level off the ground. I stay about 50 to 75 ft away. It amazes me people walk right up and try to look inside. Then they wonder what I am doing.

    • Yes, some of the boxes are in sad shape! But it is still fun to watch them! The boxes are on the edge of a few acres of wild flowers and Milkweed plants, which are still filling in. So once all that comes in it should be nice to get shots of them in there!

  1. Thanks! It is fun to watch them going at it with the Tree Swallows. They seem to be fighting over the bird boxes. At this Park there about half dozen Bluebird boxes which the Tree Swallows are trying to take over.

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