Garter Snake On Road

We saw this Garter Snake sunning on the access road as we were walking out of Davidsons Mill Pond Park to the parking area. I have seen them before but never saw one this large. I was amazed people were just walking by and did not see it. When we stopped, quite a few people did notice it and seemed very wary of the Garter Snake. It did not seem to be bothered by the people at all. It seemed to like the warm pavement and seemed content to just stay there and watch the people go by. After a while it slithered off the roadway into the woods.

Garter_Snake v3_Nik_DM 4_18

7 shot pano, 400mm f/4 lens

Garter_Snake v2_DM 4_18

Closeup head detail shot, 400mm f/4 lens

Garter snake head v1_DM_43G7274

Head detail shot, from behind. 400mm f/4 lens

Garder Snake 7 sht pano

Another panorama series

8 Comments on “Garter Snake On Road

    • Thanks! I do not find many snakes. This one was sunning on the access road with people walking by and not noticing it until I stopped to photograph it. Hard to believe they did not notice a 3 ft long snake!

    • Thanks! It looked very clean and vibrant! Do not see many snakes where I photograph. Or maybe I am not looking for them.

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