Chipping Sparrow In Tree

While I was photographing the Bluebirds I saw a few different types of Sparrows and Finches. This Chipping Sparrow was watching me from a nearby tall tree, so I got a few shots while the Bluebirds were out in the fields. I usually photograph raptors and larger birds like herons, egrets, etc., so it was fun to photograph these smaller birds, but more of a challenge since they are smaller targets. Plus harder to get close images of them because they are so skittish. I found if I just setup in an area with a bunch of trees around me they would fly to where I could get good shots. I was shooting with a 2X teleconverter & a Canon 1.6X crop camera body so it was approximately equivalent to 1280mm on a full frame camera.

Below are a sampling of some of the different birds that stopped by to see what I was doing. A variety of sparrows and a House Finch.


Sparrow v3_DM18_43G6725Sparrow v1 DM18_43G6787Song_Sparrow_v1_DM18_43G6703

Chipping_Sparrow_v3_DM18_43G6934House_Finch_v2 DM18_43G6798House_Finch TakeOff_v1_DM18_43G6813_Chipping Sparrow v2 DM_43G6791

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