Bluebirds Checking Out The Bluebird Boxes

The Bluebirds are starting to come back to Davidson’s Mill Pond Park and occupying the Bluebird Boxes. Some Tree Swallows have taken over a couple of the Bluebird boxes which they were fighting over with the Bluebirds a few days ago. Here are a few images of the Bluebirds checking out their new homes.

BlueBird_v3 DM 18_43G7001BlueBird_v2 DM 18_43G7001BlueBird_v1_DM18_43G7033BlueBird_incoming_v1_DM18_43G7038BlueBird_incoming_v1_DM18_43G7037

6 Comments on “Bluebirds Checking Out The Bluebird Boxes

    • Thanks! Yes, in this spot there are 2 Bluebird Boxes. But Tree Swallows were fighting over them with the Bluebirds. It was interesting to watch. It seems like the Tree Swallows got one and the Bluebirds got the other. It seems like they still go after each other though. A few hundred feet further down there are more Bluebird boxes that also seem to be occupied. A colorful bird to photograph!

    • Thanks! A very colorful and fun bird to photograph. The Bluebirds were fighting with Tree Swallows for the Bird Box. There were 2 boxes in this spot. It seems the Bluebirds got one and the Tree Swallows seemed to get the other one. Further down are quite a few more Boxes and Blue Birds are in those.

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