Longwood Gardens Fountain Panoramas

I enjoy doing multi-image panoramas. It is sort of a challenge and I am usually trying different techniques to see what comes out the best. These are all shot with a m43 Camera @ 14mm with a series of handheld images. I tried a few different versions, a series of images shot with horizontal images for the pano and another with vertical images for a taller horizontal panorama. Then I also tried different ways in Photoshop to blend the images. Some I tried “Auto” for blending the different layers which usually works well. Photoshop tries to do what it thinks best for the assembly. In addition I also did the series with “cylindrical” assembly.  I think I liked the pano done with 11 Vertical images. It usually works pretty well as long as you try to overlap your images quite a bit and try to keep a level horizontal line as you shoot the series. When you combine the layers of your pano in Photoshop, I usually also click on the box for content-aware-fill. It does a pretty good job of filling in blank areas that happen when Photoshop aligns everything and might have open areas on the borders or edges. Also it seems a little trickier with the m43 format instead of a regular DSLR. The more panos you try the more you seem to know if it is going to work in the end. It takes trial and error to get a feel for doing these and be somewhat confident it will turn out. I started doing these because I wanted to “travel” lighter without carrying a lot of lenses with me, Plus they are fun to do. So give it a try and do not get discouraged. After a few tries it gets easier to do and more predictable.

LW Fountains Pano 9x_vert v3

11 vertical images @ 14mm, m43

LW Fountains Pan0 6xLW Pano v2

9 horizontal images @ 14mm, m43



4 Comments on “Longwood Gardens Fountain Panoramas

  1. Thank You! It is an amazing place to wander around. Between all the gardens, the large Conservatory and the Meadow, it can take days to take it all in. In the Summer the area in the blog, which was just redone, has concerts at night, with computerized color lights with fountain effect shows which is supposed to be amazing. And then on certain weekends they add fireworks to the mix. The Fountains just reopened last year after many many years of rebuilding them and updating with computerized water effects and lighting. One day we hope to see that. They also seem friendly to photographers. And are well staffed and seem to enjoy people asking questions. The Conservatory itself could take days to go through photographically, between all the temperate zones. The orchids and desert areas are fun to photograph, and in the warm months, the large open outdoor area in the middle has very nice large water lily gardens with lots of dragonflies buzzing around.

  2. Wow, extraordinary image! Longwood Gardens is a gorgeous place to visit. It has been quite a few years; but we use to visit there when we lived in Delaware & the kids were little, a place to stroll during any season (we all loved Christmas time!), admiring the gorgeous flowers, eating a packed lunch. Memories!

  3. Thanks! Yes, it is a fun and lovely place to visit. We moved about an hour closer to Longwood a couple of years ago. So now it is only about 1 hour and 20 minutes to get there. We are members but with work it is still hard to get time to go. Christmas and early Summer are our favorite times to go. But there again almost any time is fun there!

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