Meeting House Refraction Photography

I went to the Meeting House in our Community to see how that worked with my new Glass Globe. It is an interesting building with a large expanse of lawn in front of the building. In some ways the Globe reminds me of using a “fisheye” lens, but more interesting. If you shoot wider you get a smaller globe but see the surrounding area you are photographing which can add some interest. Also depends on your f/stop. On my first blog post I was using a 50mm macro lens. For this series I was using a 24-105mm zoom. On the wider range I really had to stretch my arm out far to be able to focus on the globe. On the 105mm range I could focus easier, but pretty much filled the frame with the globe. I was shooting at f/14 most of the time & tried a variety of focal lengths. I did not want my “background” image to be too distinct to take away from the globe image, but still have some detail. The feature image was shot at 88mm.

Globe 2_9_1_1

Globe @ 55mm f/14

Globe 2_43G4486

Globe @ 55mm f/14

Globe 2_43G4506 sm

Globe @ 50mm f/14 – trying to get a little detail in actual building

Globe 2_43G4522

24mm @ f/14

Globe 2_43G4530

90mm f/14


Globe v2_43G4574

90mm @ f/14

Globe v2 sm

50mm @ f/14

Globe 2_43G4588

105mm f/14

Globe 2_43G4574

24mm @ f/14

Globe 2_43G4570

105mm f/14

6 Comments on “Meeting House Refraction Photography

    • Thanks! It was fun to try something different! Reminds me of using a fisheye lens, but more fun! Have to try different lenses and techniques. Want to try landscapes next.

  1. What a cool effect–it’s the kind of photo gadget that I find hard to resist. It was fascinating to see how things changed as you adjusted your aperture and focal length–thanks for sharing so many wonderful photos.

    • Thanks Mike! It was fun to try something different! Plus it makes you think about what you need to do to get certain results. Amazon has a selection of these and for $14.99 it was a bargain! Plus it is a challenge to see what you can produce with it. I am just starting to see what it can do. I have to come up with a natural looking base to position it. I was thinking more of a macro to just focus on the image in the globe. If you get one, you have to be careful in bright sunlight. It can start a fire if left in one spot too long!

      • Thanks for the tips, Reed. Does it have a brand name on Amazon or should I just search for crystal ball or something like that?

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