Raindrops On Bush – 10 Image Focus Stack

While looking for a photo subject in the yard, I saw these tiny raindrops on a evergreen shrub. It looked like an interesting pattern of raindrops going back into the shrub. I liked the circular dark hole in the background as a distant destination point. Almost like a “black hole” in the distance. I shot a series of 10 images at f/8 in different focus points along a range from near to far for the range I wanted to shoot. Then I opened all the images in Layers in one Photoshop file. Selecting all the layers, I used Auto Align to line up all the drops in the layers. After aligning, I used Auto Blend to combine all the “in focus” sections into one flattened image.

Stacked Raindrops start

The First Near Focus Image in the Stack.

Stacked Raindrops end

The Tenth Final Image in the Stack

4 Comments on “Raindrops On Bush – 10 Image Focus Stack

  1. That’s a great technique I have seen used for macro images of insects, nice to know how it’s done but way beyond my level. Lovely image. Brian

  2. Thanks! With Photoshop it is fairly easy. After a few tries it gets more predictable. The more you do the better the results! It works from macro to landscapes so it comes in handy.

  3. Thank you! For me it is fun to see what I can get. Usually it works! Also for me, I usually have one lens with me for what I am hoping to find as I am walking around. So if I find a different type of subject I can use these techniques to an image.

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