Gull Pond Panoramas

While at the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge, I shot a few panoramas along the Wildlife Drive at Gull Pond. The featured image was a 2 shot panorama. Shot at 24mm, with 2 horizontal images, combined in Photoshop. With the featured image I purposely included the empty tree branches on the right to add some interest and some depth. I tried to position the larger branches where there was an open sky with few clouds.


3 horizontal stacked images, vertical panorama, @ 24mm 


4 horizontal images, stacked horizontally, @ 24mm

4 Comments on “Gull Pond Panoramas

    • Thanks! It is one of my favorite National Wildlife Refuges to roam around to see what I can find to photograph. But there again it is the closest!

    • Thanks Brian! I use Photoshop to make my panos. I load each section on a layer, select all the layers and let Photoshop blend and position the layers automatically. Then I might need a slight touch up here or there.

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