Osprey With Meal

Ospreys are one of my favorite birds to photograph. It is fun to see them diving into water to get a meal. Plus to see them defending their nests against other Ospreys or birds of prey. They also seem to really stare at you as you are photographing them as in this photo. They are very agile in flight which gives you some interesting photo opportunities.

8 Comments on “Osprey With Meal

    • Thanks! I really like the way they stare at you as you photograph them. Sort of like, what are you doing! Also they are very aerobatic flyers so you can get some interesting shots. Especially if they are protecting a nest. At the Blackwater NWR in Maryland, Bald Eagles try to get a fish away from them quite often which is fun to watch. And sometimes it is the opposite, where an Osprey goes after the Eagle, but not as frequent.

  1. Very nice! They rotate up here in summer and can be seen fishing the river below my house. I saw an early arrival just a few days ago.

  2. Thanks! I’m jealous! You have them right by you! Where I live now, we have Bald Eagles flying over our condo quite often. Fun to hear them screeching as they are circling high in the sky.

  3. Thanks! Ospreys are fun to photograph! I especially like when they dive in the water for a fish. At Blackwater NWR in Maryland you often see them, in the warmer months, interacting with Bald Eagles. The Bald Eagles try to steal their fish they are flying away with.

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