Brigantine Frozen Landscape

We were at the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge, in Oceanville N.J., looking for Snow Geese. On the beginning of the Wildlife Drive, I liked the frozen landscape along the Wildlife Drive. Usually there are small shorebirds or ducks along the waterway next to the Drive. On this day, the water was frozen, but the blue sky was reflecting in the ice giving an interesting bluish color to the ice. In the distance across the bay you see Atlantic City. Shot at 24mm.

Brig wntr landscp v2NK_105mm_MAL0381

Frozen water Landscape @105mm

Brig wntr Lndscp v1 105mm_MAL5429

Frozen Landscape @ 24mm

Brig Wntr Lndscp_ v2 _early am MAL0366

Frozen Landscape @12mm

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