More Firey Clouds At Sunset

These are more cloud images from the previous post. A couple are 2 shots combined, either stacked vertically or horizontally, combined in Photoshop. All shot with a 24-105mm at various focal lengths.

Firey_Clouds_Sunset_v1_MAL9354Firey_Clouds_Sunset_v1_MAL9351Firey_Clouds_Sunset_v1_MAL9359Firey_Clouds_Sunset_v1 2 sht panoFirey_Clouds_Sunset_2sht pano_v1_MAL9388Firey_Clouds_Sunset_v1_MAL9388Firey_Clouds_Sunset_v1_MAL9391Firey_Clouds_Sunset_v1 9375-2sht_h_PanoFirey_Clouds_Sunset_v1 2sht_Pan

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