Reddish-Egret – 2 Shot Pano

It is not often that while I am walking looking for photo subjects, that one comes so close I cannot fit it all in the viewfinder. So I try shooting my subject with 2 overlapping images. You have to take a few multiple images quickly, to try to avoid any movement of your subject. Usually a little movement, I can deal with. In Photoshop I try letting Photoshop automatically align and combine them. If that does not work I do it manually. So one way or another, it is a way to get the image.

The featured image is 2 horizontal images stacked vertically and combined.

_Reddish_Egret v4 MG_4671

Another 2 shot composite. 2 horizontal images stacked in Photoshop. 300mm f/4 lens

_Reddish_Egret v2 MG_4671

Example – showing top half of image before combining and adjusting colors, etc. in Photoshop.

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